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March 14, 2024

JLL collaborates with Jupiter Intelligence to deliver AI-powered climate risk analytics

“Jupiter’s AI-powered climate models provide a valuable layer to JLL‘s Decarbonization Strategy Services,” said Guy Grainger, Global Head of Sustainability Services and ESG for JLL. “Our Decarbonization Services help owners and occupiers create a clear investment roadmap to reduce harmful emissions and enhance value in their portfolio. Layering in Jupiter’s gold standard climate risk analytics allows us to also measure what might be happening in the environment and how that could impact overall real estate valuation and decarbonization efforts.”

December 4, 2023

DP World maps climate resilience path for global ports & terminals

DP World has conducted a pioneering study, in collaboration with Jupiter and Guidehouse, assessing the impact of climate change on its global network of Ports and Terminals (P&Ts) through to the end of the century, as it urges other supply chain players to map their own climate resilience status.

November 29, 2023

Extreme Weather Forecasts by AI May Help Insurers Facing a Risky Climate Future

Rich Sorkin, CEO and co-founder of climate risk analytics firm Jupiter Intelligence, agreed that insurers can no longer rely solely on "backward-looking" historical data models given the unprecedented threats of climate change. Jupiter uses AI to integrate data from leading climate models, local terrain, infrastructure vulnerability assessments, and damage estimates. This helps insurers understand risk over the lifetime of assets, rather than just annually.

October 25, 2023

Physical Climate Risk Disclosures: A Crucial Step in Preserving our Economic Stability

While much of the world is focused on decarbonization — as it should be — there is a significant looming and highly overlooked danger organizations face today, says Rich Sorkin of Jupiter Intelligence. And, he says, it’s one that can have significant effects on our global economy: physical climate risk.

August 30, 2023

Idalia’s Damage Tied to How Fast It Intensifies

“Forecasts for rapid intensification used to be rare, but as scientific knowledge and forecast skill continue to incrementally improve, we can expect to see more such forecasts,” said Rich Sorkin, chief executive of Jupiter Intelligence, which tracks climate risk.

August 30, 2023

Climate risk guarantees home insurance policies will keep getting more expensive

“In some cases, homeowners won’t be able to get coverage, or they will have to pay more, or they will have less reliable coverage,” said Rich Sorkin, chief executive of Jupiter Intelligence, a climate risk analytics company.

July 26, 2023

Bloomberg MapLab: Tracking Marine Heatwaves

Here’s how scientists measure the extreme temperatures currently scorching 44% of the world’s oceans. “You can kind of think of El Niño and La Niña as a toggle war in the tropical Pacific,” said Hillary Scannell, an oceanographer and data scientist at Jupiter Intelligence. With La Niña, “cold water gets upwelled along the South American coast and that cold ocean temperature kind of acts as air conditioning to the climate system.” Now that that’s over, El Niño is taking over with its warm waters, disrupting atmospheric circulation and weather worldwide.

June 19, 2023

What Fannie Mae is doing about climate risk's impact on mortgages

Climate risk can be tough to quantify, but doing so has grown in importance due to regulatory attention and increased difficulty obtaining property insurance coverage for it. In response, Fannie Mae Chief Climate Officer Tim Judge is using his background in analytics and modeling to try to predict and address its impact on the government-sponsored enterprise's sizable mortgage portfolio.

June 18, 2023

Verdict in Oregon wildfires case highlights risks utilities face amid climate change

A jury verdict that found an Oregon power company liable for devastating wildfires — and potentially billions of dollars in damages — is highlighting the legal and financial risks utilities take if they fail to take proper precautions in a hotter, drier climate. Josh Hacker, chief science officer at Jupiter, said of lawsuit damages. “This is an enormous challenge. Now it’s biting them. And in the end it’s going to bite all of us, because they have to recover that expense.”

Press Releases

December 7, 2023

[Press Release] The Nature Conservancy, Jupiter Intelligence and IPLC Organizations Partner to Address Climate Risks Affecting Indigenous People in the Amazon

Jupiter, the trusted leader in climate risk analytics, announced its renewed partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Colombia, as part of The Jupiter Promise program. This collaboration aims to leverage expertise and combine efforts to cocreate strategies that address the impacts of climate change on indigenous communities within the vital, diverse and culturally rich Amazon region.

December 7, 2023

Alianza para trabajar con los pueblos indígenas de la Amazonía frente a desafíos climáticos

The Nature Conservancy Colombia y Jupiter Intelligence se unen con Organizaciones de Pueblos Indígenas y Comunidades Locales de la cuenca del río Caquetá impulsando decisiones informadas y empoderando a la comunidad para participar activamente en la definición de estrategias para un futuro sostenible.

December 6, 2023

[Press Release] Institute of Himalayan Risk Reduction and Jupiter Intelligence Partner to Assess Climate-Related Disaster Risks Across Nepal  

Jupiter, the trusted leader in climate risk analytics, today announced that as part of The Jupiter Promise program, it has partnered with the Institute of Himalayan Risk Reduction (IHRR), to help identify changing risks from extreme weather events and the impacts they pose to vulnerable communities across Nepal. 

September 27, 2023

[Press Release] Jupiter Launches New SaaS Application and Significant Enhancements to ClimateScore Global

Jupiter, the trusted leader in climate risk analytics, today announced significant enhancements to ClimateScore™ Global, the company’s climate risk analytics offering that provides decision-ready insights to understand exposure, predict operational and financial risks and build resilience to the impacts of climate change. 

September 12, 2023

[Press Release] Jupiter Partners with Axionable in France to Provide Customers with Leading Climate Data and Analytics

Jupiter, the trusted leader in climate risk analytics, today announced a collaboration with Axionable, an award-winning sustainability and technology consulting group in France. The partnership provides joint customers in France and across Europe with best-in-class climate data and analytics from Jupiter and consulting services from Axionable, to assess the risks that climate change will have on their businesses and meet mounting regulatory disclosure requirements.

June 6, 2023

[Press Release] Fannie Mae Assesses Residential Portfolio Risk Using Jupiter ClimateScore™ Global

Jupiter, the trusted leader in climate risk analytics, today announced that Fannie Mae is using the company’s industry-leading product, ClimateScore™ Global, to assess the potential impacts of climate change on their mortgage portfolio backed by over 17 million U.S. single-family and multifamily residential assets.

January 9, 2023

FORVIS collaborates with Jupiter Intelligence on climate risk modeling platform

FORVIS collaborates with Jupiter Intelligence on climate risk modeling platform

December 19, 2022

Jupiter and Fannie Mae Announce Climate Risk Analytics Project

Jupiter announced a project with Fannie Mae to identify neighborhoods and communities most at risk from perils related to climate change as part of The Jupiter Promise program for historically marginalized communities.

August 25, 2022

Aon and Jupiter Collaborate to Address Climate Volatility for Global Financial Institutions

Aon has announced a collaboration with Jupiter that will assist global financial institutions in navigating the increasing volatility resulting from climate change.

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