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Press Release
December 7, 2023

[Press Release] The Nature Conservancy, Jupiter Intelligence and IPLC Organizations Partner to Address Climate Risks Affecting Indigenous People in the Amazon


The Nature Conservancy, Jupiter Intelligence and IPLC Organizations Partner to Address Climate Risks Affecting Indigenous People in the Amazon

SAN MATEO, California – December 7, 2023 - Jupiter, the trusted leader in climate risk analytics, announced its renewed partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Colombia, as part of The Jupiter Promise program. This collaboration aims to leverage expertise and combine efforts to cocreate strategies that address the impacts of climate change on indigenous communities within the vital, diverse and culturally rich Amazon region.

The alliance spotlights the Caquetá River, often called the 'white river' for its rich sedimentation. Originating in the Andes, it nurtures a diverse riverine ecosystem within the broader expanse of the Amazon. However, despite its significance, the basin faces numerous challenges including increased flooding, landslides, overfishing, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and contamination, raising concerns about future environmental risks.

Addressing climate threats in the Caquetá River basin, the initiative intensifies efforts across ten communities belonging to three indigenous groups. This effort enhances data access, providing these communities with the same climate risk analytics used by major global entities like banks, companies and governments. Empowered with this knowledge, they gain a comprehensive perspective of future risks, make informed decisions and effectively advocate for their people. The Nature Conservancy collaborates directly with these communities, along with other local and regional indigenous organizations, amplifying their voices in collective action to understand and address climate impacts.

“The Jupiter Promise persists in equipping the world’s most vulnerable populations with the provision of essential climate data and analytics so they can identify ways to adapt to the evolving impacts of climate change. This project holds special significance for Jupiter as we can provide with our products, tangible assistance to indigenous peoples in crucial decision-making to enhance their resiliency”, said Rich Sorkin, CEO for Jupiter Intelligence.


This collaboration adheres to the principles of climate justice, underscoring the imperative involvement of the most affected communities in critical conversations concerning the future.  To foster genuine equity in these deliberations, it is essential that all parties possess a clear understanding of the future risks at hand.  Partnering with organizations as The Nature Conservancy, Jupiter ensures that forthcoming climate risks take center stage and are accurately calculated. This approach supports informed decision-making among the end-users of the information. 

Moreover, Jupiter Promise has diligently coordinated with the UN World Meteorological Organization regional office to align goals, guaranteeing seamless support for climate analytics for this project. This holistic approach underscores the commitment to forging a resilient and sustainable future for the indigenous communities in the Caquetá River Basin.



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