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Press Release
June 18, 2024

Jupiter Launches Jupiter AI to Accelerate Access to Economic Climate Insights


New generative AI tool transforms the speed at which organizations can access, analyze, and act on complex climate data, including understanding the climate-adjusted value of physical assets

SAN MATEO, Calif. – June 18, 2024 – Jupiter, the trusted leader in climate risk analytics, today announced the launch of Jupiter AI, a new generative AI agent that revolutionizes the way businesses predict their financial exposure to the physical risks of climate change.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with Jupiter’s ClimateScore Global, and its industry-leading gold standard climate science, Jupiter AI can assess the impact from all climate perils at multiple customizable return periods for medium- and long-term projections of future risk. With a lower barrier of entry, anyone within the entire enterprise can harness the power of conversation-assisted climate analysis to understand the impact of climate change on their organization and specific to their role. 

Jupiter AI allows users to ask simple curated questions and receive comprehensive visual data presentations that quickly surface need-to-know impacts on their business in seconds. It also delivers insights from the underlying data, recommends additional queries to expand a business user’s understanding of climate change, and allows customers to directly interact with the data to control how it is ultimately presented. 

The AI engine engages in dialogue, returning detailed visualizations and insights that inform your strategies.

New generative AI tool transforms the speed at which organizations can access, analyze, and act on complex climate data, including understanding the climate-adjusted value of physical assets.

“Jupiter AI reinvents how users access data and analytics by breaking the barriers of traditional data delivery, making getting to business decisions faster and more dynamic,” said Rich Sorkin, CEO of Jupiter. “Using Jupiter AI requires no background in data science or analytics. You can simply ask a question about your portfolio’s risk exposure or change in value over any duration, and in moments, receive the insights you’re looking for. What was previously complex data analysis is now easily accessible more broadly across an enterprise.” 

Utilizing a simple query model – similar to the ChatGPT interface – users can ask Jupiter AI questions and immediately receive climate impact analysis related to their entire portfolio of assets. Jupiter AI then guides users through the next logical steps in their asset analysis by recommending ancillary questions based on the initial queries, ensuring that customers avoid missing key insights into their climate risks.

Jupiter AI is a boon to asset managers and risk management professionals. The conversational interface dramatically reduces the time spent on data gathering and interpretation, resulting in faster and more efficient strategy development. Jupiter AI also provides ample flexibility for users by allowing them to filter data directly in the chat interface, giving customers more control over their presentations of insights to stakeholders.  

Today’s announcement follows Jupiter’s recent updates to ClimateScore Global which provides future physical risk assessment for any point on the land surface of the planet through the year 2100. With today’s announcement, Jupiter now provides enterprise-wise, on-demand access to the most rigorously vetted climate science available.

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