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Press Release
December 6, 2023

[Press Release] Institute of Himalayan Risk Reduction and Jupiter Intelligence Partner to Assess Climate-Related Disaster Risks Across Nepal  


Institute of Himalayan Risk Reduction and Jupiter Intelligence Partner to Assess Climate-Related Disaster Risks Across Nepal  

Climate risk analytics to help IHRR understand at-risk communities and develop an early warning system 

SAN MATEO, Calif. – December 6, 2023 - Jupiter, the trusted leader in climate risk analytics, today announced that as part of The Jupiter Promise program, it has partnered with the Institute of Himalayan Risk Reduction (IHRR), to help identify changing risks from extreme weather events and the impacts they pose to vulnerable communities across Nepal. 

Due to its diverse micro-climates and steep topography, Nepal ranks as one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, experiencing severe flooding during monsoon season, deadly landslides that impact already-isolated communities, earthquakes, and extreme heat leading to increasing epidemics. Landslides also cut off major highways and block roads, causing significant travel issues to cities and to remote villages. The 2023 monsoon season has triggered numerous landslides and floods across Nepal, causing almost 61 deaths as of the end of September. Jupiter’s partnership with IHRR will provide them with the best in science climate risk data for regions across Nepal. 

“Nepal has approximately 30 million people with a majority of the population living in remote, rural communities and who rely on self-sustaining agriculture. Of the 30 million, 2 million are at risk of climate-related extreme weather events that threaten their livelihood. By partnering with Jupiter, we are empowering the people of Nepal to find new ways to adapt and build resilience,” said Suraj Gautam, Executive Director for IHRR. 

Leveraging Jupiter’s ClimateScore Global high resolution climate data, IHRR will first assess heat and heat wave metrics to understand the potential impact by region, and then help develop adaptation and resilience plans including an early warning alert system. Due to extreme geological diversity and progressively complicated rainfall patterns, Nepal is susceptible to landslides resulting in devastating loss of crops, land, and life. IHRR is looking at using Jupiter data to help inform future landslide risk to help mitigate the impacts. 

“The mission of The Jupiter Promise is to arm the world’s most vulnerable with climate data and analytics so they can identify new ways to adapt to the impacts of a changing climate. We are honored to be working with IHRR to empower the people of Nepal with data they can take action on,” said Betsy Weatherhead, Science Fellow and Jupiter Promise lead for Jupiter Intelligence. 

Jupiter Promise also coordinated with the UN World Meteorological Organization regional office to ensure alignment in goals with supporting climate analytics in Nepal through the collaboration with IHRR.

The Jupiter Promise helps under-resourced communities understand and quantify their climate risks to inform strategies that will help them adapt to climate change and build a more resilient future. 


About Jupiter

Jupiter is the trusted leader in climate risk analytics for organizations looking to strengthen their climate resilience. The increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events across the globe are having a major impact on economies, businesses, and communities. With forward-focused, rigorous methodologies, and analytics delivered by some of the best scientists in the industry, Jupiter turns sophisticated climate science into actionable data. Customers proactively assess the physical risks in their portfolios, address regulatory requirements and evaluate potential reputational concerns. To find out more, visit

About IHRR

IHRR’s mission is to prepare risk-informed communities and achieve disaster resilience in Nepal. As a research institute, IHRR promotes innovations and science-based decision-making complying with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. IHRR is currently working with the stakeholders in Nepal to develop low cost early warning system and also towards the anticipatory action. To find out more, visit


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