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Press Release
December 19, 2022

Jupiter and Fannie Mae Announce Climate Risk Analytics Project


San Mateo, CA – December 20, 2022: Jupiter, the leading provider of predictive data and analytics for climate risk and resilience, announced today a project with Fannie Mae to identify neighborhoods and communities most at risk from perils related to climate change as part ofThe Jupiter Promise program for historically marginalized communities. The effort will focus on at-risk communities in Baltimore and Memphis.

Fannie Mae works to support sustainable homeownership and affordable rental housing across the United States. Leveraging Jupiter’s climate data and analytics will help identify at-risk communities and encourage housing resiliency.

“Jupiter and Fannie Mae share a commitment to support communities, including those that are at-risk and underrepresented, with climate-related analytics,” said Rich Sorkin, Founder andCEO of Jupiter. “The Jupiter Promise provides analytics and data to create resilience with the world’s most vulnerable communities and this is exactly the type of relationship we envisioned.”

“We hope this important engagement may soon enable cities, mortgage lenders, and homeowners to invest more wisely in neighborhoods around the country,” said Tim Judge, Head of Modeling and Chief Climate Officer at Fannie Mae. “Even more importantly, it may contribute to the building of more resilient communities well into the future.”

The Jupiter Promise was launched with a mission to provide climate-related analytics in partnership with organizations and governments around the world in order to create better resilience within the world’s most vulnerable communities.

About Jupiter

Jupiter is the global market, science, and technology leader in physical climate analytics for risk management and resiliency planning. Its solutions are used across the private and public sectors: customers include at least one of the world’s five largest firms in asset management, banking, chemicals, insurance, minerals and mining, oil and gas, pension funds, pharmaceuticals, power, and reinsurance—as well as critical departments and agencies within both the United States government and climate-change-vulnerable geographies around the world. Jupiter’s ClimateScore™ Intelligence Platform provides sophisticated, dynamic, hyper-local, current hour-to-50-plus-year probabilistic risk analysis for weather in a changing climate. The company’s FloodScore™, HeatScore™, WindScore™, FireScore™, andClimateScore Global™ services are used for climate-related risk assessment and management worldwide. Jupiter’s models are based on the latest science, as developed by the global Earth and Ocean Systems science community.

Jupiter offers enterprise solutions to asset owners in critical infrastructure, financial services including insurance, banking, and asset management, energy, and real estate, and the public sector. These customers use Jupiter services for a broad range of applications, including capital planning, risk management, site selection, design requirements, supply chain management, investment and asset valuations, and shareholder disclosures. Jupiter Promise is Jupiter’s program to share its best-in-class climate products with those in greatest need of the information. For more information, please visit

About Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae advances equitable and sustainable access to homeownership and quality, affordable rental housing for millions of people across America. We enable the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage and drive responsible innovation to make home buying and renting easier, fairer, and more accessible. To learn more, visit

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