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Partnering to create resilience for the world’s most vulnerable

The Jupiter Promise

The Jupiter Promise helps under-resourced communities understand and quantify their climate risks and inform their strategies to adapt to climate change. Jupiter offers its climate analytics at little to no cost with plans to reach more than 20% of the world’s under-resourced population. Working with local partners, Jupiter analytics empowers communities to plan for a more resilient future.

A People Centered Approach to Climate Action

Climate change imparts unequal impacts, landing the worst on those least able to adapt. 2022 was a catastrophic year on the climate front resulting in $260B in estimated economic losses and the loss of thousands of human lives, in a year when financial resilience is already at rock bottom.

Least developed regions are often the most vulnerable to natural disasters (and least responsible for these effects of human-created climate change). Often, they have limited ability to invest in measures which help predict and mitigate the impact on people, property and the environment. Jupiter recognizes these sensitivities and addresses the inequity by offering its services in partnership with appropriate local experts.

The Program

Jupiter Intelligence — the trusted leader in climate risk analytics — is on a mission to help. Jupiter uses high-resolution, science-based predictive modeling to estimate the physical risk of climate-related perils including flood, extreme precipitation, heat, cold, fire, drought, wind, and hail. Jupiter works with some of the world’s largest banks, asset managers, insurers, real estate developers, utilities, and corporations to calculate the value-at-risk on physical assets and develop climate-smart solutions.

Under the Jupiter Promise, we are offering our commercial-grade risk analytics products across multiple perils, scenarios, and time and spatial scales to support critical decisions. The Jupiter Promise will help vulnerable communities across the globe access Jupiter’s tools to better prepare for climate change and extreme events.

Partner with Us

We seek partners who can help us implement the aims of the Jupiter Promise on the ground in regions and communities most in need of climate risk information.

Initial Jupiter Promise projects include country-wide food security, city-wide heat resilience and environmental stewardship around the globe. Jupiter is looking to partner with foundations, governments and financial entities in achieving the aims of the program, and in identifying partnership opportunities to broaden the reach of the Jupiter Promise.

Join the Mission

The Jupiter Promise was announced on November 3, 2021 at COP26 in Glasgow. For more information, download the overview here.

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This project will help us allocate resources and identify the most valuable interventions to protect this threatened environment.

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Claudia Vazquez, Director of The Nature Conservancy Colombia

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