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Solutions that
Span Industries,
Use Cases, And
Global Perils

Use Cases

Climate Risk Disclosure
Assess, Report, And Disclose Physical Climate Risk

Jupiter’s global market-leading, best-in-science physical climate analytics drive prompt, thorough compliance across multiple jurisdictions. Customers including leaders such as AstraZeneca, Entergy, Hawaiian Electric, and JLL rely on Jupiter analytics in their CSRD/TCFD and other regulatory disclosures.

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Risk Management
Identity, Assess, And Manage Climate Change Risk To Your Business

Jupiter’s high-resolution (90 meter) projections identify potential hazards, assess vulnerability, and quantify impacts on your business so you can develop strategies to mitigate and adapt to the changing climate over time. Jupiter’s transparent modeling methodologies and enterprise-grade technology enable customers to integrate physical climate risk data into analytical models and ERM processes.

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Portfolio & Asset Management
Quantify How Climate Change Will Impact Global Portfolios And Assets-At-Risk

Effective portfolio and asset management in the face of climate change risk requires a proactive and holistic approach. By integrating Jupiter's climate risk analytics and insights into investment decisions and engaging with stakeholders, investors can not only manage risk but also seize opportunities for sustainable long-term growth.

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Supply Chain Risk Assessment
Assess And Mitigate Worldwide Supply Chain Risk

ClimateScore Global’s high-resolution, worldwide risk analysis helps quantify impacts of acute and chronic physical climate risk across far-flung supply and distribution networks. It enables companies to both comply with evolving disclosure regulations and mitigate climate-driven impacts that may disrupt their supply, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution processes—and their financial performance.

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Resilience Planning and Engineering
Prepare For And Address Physical Impacts Of Climate Change

Jupiter offers portfolio-level climate risk analyses of global assets, as well as engineering-grade, very-high-resolution analysis of target geographies, over flexible time horizons and multiple scenarios. It supports long-term infrastructure planning, engineering, investment, and lending and insurance decisions for critical assets. It also provides “what-if” analyses—such as alternative scenario modeling—that evaluate potential protection measures and investment decisions over time.

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See what Jupiter can do for your business.

Paired with a Jupiter expert that specializes in your industry, we will work together to assess your needs and determine the best-in-science physical climate risk analytics approach for your organization.

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