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Gain Critical Risk Insights Across Portfolios and Individual Properties



Climate risk management is a critical, board-level issue within the insurance sector—impacting profitability, business resiliency, and brand reputation. Jupiter ClimateScore™ Global offers both portfolio- and asset-level analysis of chronic and acute physical climate risk. It enables insurers to optimize portfolio management, risk management, pricing and underwriting, longer-term profitability (including identifying market opportunities as well as risks), sustainability, and regulatory response.


Use Cases

Portfolio planning

  • Incorporate climate analytics into portfolio and reinsurance decisions
  • Identify regions and lines of business that may become less economically viable to insure, invest in, and operate in

Underwriting and pricing

  • Improve underwriting guidelines to improve risk selection
  • Integrate short- and long-term hazards into pricing
  • Design and bring to market insurance products that are triggered by adverse climate conditions


  • Understand how climate change will affect expenses and exit values for long-held real-estate assets
  • Incorporate climate risk into market value analysis

Risk avoidance

  • Help customers minimize impacts of climate risk through risk engineering and resiliency insights
  • Offer solutions to companies who have invested in mitigation

Regulatory response

  • Provide quantitative and qualitative responses to shareholder questions and national regulatory requirements, as physical climate risk disclosure reporting becomes mandatory

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