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Press Release
September 27, 2023

[Press Release] Jupiter Launches New SaaS Application and Significant Enhancements to ClimateScore Global


Advanced flood modeling, updated heat metrics and new economic impact insights help organizations and investors assess and price their climate risks to protect people, property and profits 

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Sept. 27, 2023 - Jupiter, the trusted leader in climate risk analytics, today announced significant enhancements to ClimateScore™ Global, the company’s climate risk analytics offering that provides decision-ready insights to understand exposure, predict operational and financial risks and build resilience to the impacts of climate change. 

In this latest update, Jupiter introduces several key innovations to ClimateScore Global aimed at delivering greater value to its users. Not only does this latest release of ClimateScore Global contain over 400 trillion computed data fields, making it the most comprehensive representation of climate exposure available in the market; Jupiter customers also have access to enhanced metrics, our new advanced flood model, and our economic impact models at their fingertips via a new SaaS application or an enterprise-grade API. 

“We are steadily becoming more vulnerable to extreme weather events caused by climate change. Economists are concerned that asset values will plummet in a swift market correction potentially leading to a global economic breakdown,” said Rich Sorkin, CEO and co-founder of Jupiter Intelligence. “With this latest release of ClimateScore Global, the gold standard in climate risk analytics, we are giving our customers the tools they need to prepare and be resilient in the face of climate change.”

Leveraging comprehensive data and best-in-class science, ClimateScore Global provides future physical risk assessment for any point on the land surface of the planet through the year 2100. With this new release, Jupiter now provides on-demand access to the most rigorously vetted climate science available, in an easy-to-use SaaS application.

“Jupiter's customers, who represent over ten percent of the world's largest companies, made clear what was most important to them in assessing their risk, understanding the social and financial impacts of that risk, and building resilience. The breadth of our climate risk analytics will help them navigate these challenging issues,” said Dinesh Sharma, Head of Science, Technology and Product for Jupiter. 

New innovations include: 

1. New SaaS application with an intuitive user interface showing damage and loss and financial metrics with presentation-ready visualizations plus single location hazard and impact reports and a scores dashboard.

2. New financial impact modeling that encompasses the financial impacts of physical climate risks including additional cost of cooling and loss of worker productivity from chronic heat, and the massive impacts to the energy, financial services and consumer goods industries due to extreme wind and flooding. 

3. Advanced flood model, CSG Flood, combines fluvial, pluvial and coastal modeling – both with and without flood defenses – to provide the most comprehensive view of total flood risk.

4. New RESTful enterprise-scale API delivering three outputs including peril metrics, economic impact metrics and scores via synchronous and asynchronous calls that return data in seconds. 

Jupiter's intuitive on-demand platform for physical climate risk analysis offers damage and loss, financial metrics and ensures a user experience that keeps tempo with modern business. With just latitude and longitude to start, its user-friendly features include smart navigation, customizable filters, and presentation-ready visualizations.
ClimateScore Global provides on-demand access to the most rigorously vetted climate science available, in an easy-to-use application.


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Jupiter is the trusted leader in climate risk analytics for organizations looking to strengthen their climate resilience. The increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events across the globe are having a major impact on economies, businesses, and communities. With forward-focused, rigorous methodologies, and analytics delivered by some of the best scientists in the industry, Jupiter turns sophisticated climate science into actionable data. Customers proactively assess the physical risks in their portfolios, address regulatory requirements and evaluate potential reputational concerns. To find out more, visit

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