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Optimize portfolio strategies, deal structuring, resiliency, and insurance savings


Real Estate

The increasing frequency and severity of severe weather events and skyrocketing insurance premiums have elevated climate risk management to the most critical resilience requirement for real estate companies. Investors and regulators are focusing on the ability of properties to adapt to and withstand extreme weather. Jupiter enables developers and investment companies to better plan, build, manage, and maintain assets — driven by understanding their probable vulnerabilities to acute and chronic climate impacts.


Use Cases

Portfolio planning

  • Incorporate climate risk into new market evaluations, acquisition assessments, and long-term planning
  • Target investment opportunities while avoiding locations projected to be outside their risk tolerance

Underwriting and deal structuring

  • Integrate both short-term and long-term perils into pricing and REIT structuring, such as assembling REITs with low climate risk

Risk avoidance

  • Allocate capital to improve the long-term resiliency and lower the insurance costs of specific developments

Regulatory response

  • Provide quantitative and qualitative responses to regulatory and shareholder questions

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