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Incorporate climate risk into ERM and regulatory disclosure



The scope and granularity of Jupiter solutions capture the most complete view of climate risk across the globe and across time, allowing banks and financial services firms to project: how a portfolio of assets may be affected by climate change; the perils it will be exposed to; vulnerable segments and locations; and how that risk will change over time and across varying carbon emissions scenarios. With this knowledge, banks can incorporate climate risk into their overall enterprise risk management strategy to respond to increasing demands from regulators and shareholders, and to disclose under frameworks such as TCFD.


Use Cases

Portfolio planning

  • Understand the safety of a mortgage asset over the mortgage’s expected life cycle
  • Rebalance investment portfolios in direct response to climate signals
  • Identify climate risk in critical supply chains and distribution networks

Underwriting and deal-structuring

  • Integrate both short- and long-term perils into pricing and mortgage-backed securities structuring (e.g., assemble MBS tranches with low climate risk)
  • Define goals for green bonds and climate bonds

Market value analysis

  • Understand how climate change could impact asset values, real estate, and securities risk
  • Develop mitigation and exploitation strategies

Risk avoidance

  • Help clients minimize impacts of climate change risk through risk engineering insights

Regulatory response

  • Provide quantitative and qualitative responses to shareholder questions and national regulatory requirements, as physical climate risk disclosure reporting becomes mandatory

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