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ClimateScore Global

See your exposure. Price your risk. Improve your resilience. More efficiently than ever.

Portfolio & Asset-Level Physical Risk Analysis

With its best-in-science, decision-ready analytics, ClimateScore Global quantifies the physical risks to your business caused by climate change. It empowers you to mitigate impacts on your operational and financial performance, comply with climate regulations, and build resilience – worldwide.

Get answers and insights —instantly and intuitively — via Jupiter aI

ClimateScore Global leverages Jupiter AI™ to deliver a quantum leap in discovery that brings the simplicity and power of guided conversation to climate risk analysis. Simple questions produce rich data visualizations and unexpected insights in seconds. Engage with answers immediately and streamline workflows.

see your total risk from all perils. anywhere. anytime

ClimateScore Global is the most complete physical climate risk solution available. With access to over 22,000 peril and loss metrics, you can run multiple scenario analyses of any peril worldwide, in 5-year increments from now to the year 2100. Access to the best metric for your specific need (not the “next best”) eliminates unnecessary uncertainty in your projections and reporting.

Understand Climate Risk With Scores

Immediately appreciate what climate risk to your portfolio means for your business. ClimateScore Global’s hazard scores consider both your current risk as well as the change in your risk over time – and whether that change is significant – relevant to benchmarks for your location. 

Reveal Your Immediate and Long-Term Financial Exposure To Events

The chain of events that follow both chronic and acute weather events can have devastating consequences to your business reputation and future financial stability. ClimateScore Global provides a comprehensive assessment of the direct financial impact of physical climate change on your operational, market, and credit risk.

Jupiter AI™

ClimateScore Global's artificial intelligence agent—Jupiter AI™—represents a quantum leap in understanding physical climate risk, bringing speed and simplicity to how you access, analyze, and act on complex climate data.

By breaking down the barriers of traditional data delivery, Jupiter AI exponentially accelerates time to value.

Simply ask curated questions about your climate risk; and within seconds, you get tailored, downloadable visualizations of your risk data. Jupiter AI accelerates intelligence gathering and analysis, and enables dynamic, efficient decision-making by allowing you to immediately interact with your data within the chat interface.

Economic Impact

Best-in-science predictive analytics in ClimateScore Global reveal your financial exposure to physical climate change events

Secure your financial future against climate change with ClimateScore Global’s economic impact metrics. Understand the direct financial impact of physical climate risk to your operational, market and credit risk. Easily integrate those impacts into your financial projections and reveal how climate change will both intensify your existing portfolio risks and create new ones.

Operational Impact
Keep Your Business Uninterrupted

Never let climate induced weather events catch you off guard. ClimateScore Global offers unparalleled metrics so you can keep your operations running smoothly, no matter the climate condition.

Invest Smart, Worry Less

Market valuations often miss the "climate variable." We bridge that gap. Our financial impact metric suite intelligently adjusts your asset values to factor in climate risks. Make well-informed decisions, backed by data science.

Market Impact
Credit Impact
Navigating the Financial Storm

ClimateScore Global predicts how physical climate risk impacts key credit risk parameters. Predict the probability of credit default related to climate risk before it becomes a financial catastrophe.

ClimateScore Global Flood

Know your comprehensive flood risk now and in the future

ClimateScore Global Flood, Jupiter’s advanced flood model, produces worldwide historical, current, and future flood hazards. Leveraging cutting-edge advancements from the global scientific community and Jupiter’s own team of world-class scientists, CSG Flood™ delivers your risk at flexible resolutions anywhere on the Earth’s land surface.

Combine fluvial, pluvial, and coastal modeling, both defended and undefended, to view your total flood risk.

River & Floodplain Geometry
Quantified Uncertainty
Tropical Cyclone Impacts
Climate to Hazard Impacts
Flood Defense Modeling
Extensive Date Ranges
River & Floodplain Geometry
Quantified Uncertainty
Tropical Cyclone Impacts
Climate to Hazard Impacts
Flood Defense Modeling
Extensive Date Ranges

Available in 3 resolution ranges, CSG Flood has the flexibility to assess your flood risk from the portfolio to the asset level.

CSG Flood™

Portfolio-level Analysis
  • Resolution: 90 meters
  • Best used for regulatory disclosures, portfolio level risk assessment.
  • Comes standard with all ClimateScore Global packages.
  • Globally available.

CSG Flood™ Plus

Asset-level Analysis
  • Resolution: 10 - 20 meters
  • Best used for underwriting, industrial, exposure.
  • Available as an upgrade or as a standalone product.
  • Available in the US, EU, UK now. Canada Japan, and Australia soon.

CSG Flood™ Focus

Bespoke Analysis
  • Resolution: 1 - 3 meters
  • Best used for single facility risk engineering, individual asset risk assessment.
  • Available as an update or as a standalone product.
  • Globally available.

ClimateScore Global Wildfire

Understand your hazard and loss risk with the world’s first global wildfire model

Take action to protect your assets and build resilience

ClimateScore™ Global Wildfire produces breakthrough historical, current, and future wildfire risk analysis at 90-meter resolutions anywhere on Earth’s inhabited land surface—leveraging cutting-edge advancements from the global scientific community and Jupiter’s own team of world-class climate experts.

Revolutionizing Wildfire Risk Assessment

Peril Metric
Global Coverage
Future-focused Projections
Granular Resolution
Financial Modeling
Land Use Intelligence
Peril Metric
Global Coverage
Future-focused Projections
Granular Resolution
Financial Modeling
Land Use Intelligence

Quantify your potential losses from wildfire worldwide, at high resolution using groundbreaking metrics

Portfolio-scale, global analysis or asset-specific investigations of wildfire and economic loss risk covering flexible time horizons and emissions scenarios.

90 meters
Use Cases
Regulatory disclosures, Portfolio-level and asset-level risk assessment, Enterprise underwriting, Industrial exposure, Risk engineering, Individual asset risk assessment, and Adaptation 
Comes standard with all ClimateScore Global packages
Geographic Availability
Globally available
Business Useful
Real-world Validation
Real-world Validation

Put Jupiter’s Science Advantage to Your Advantage


Consistent Validation
Comprehensive Debiasing
State-of-the-art Verification
Quality In.
Quality Out.


Very High Resolution
Bottom-Up Approach
Unrivaled Metric Suite


Forward-Moving Models
Latest Science (CMIP6)
World Renowned Scientists


Transplant Modeling
Quantified Uncertainty
Open Methodologies
Peace of
See what Jupiter can do for your business.

Paired with a Jupiter expert that specializes in your industry, we will work together to assess your needs and determine the best-in-science physical climate risk analytics approach for your organization.

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