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Improve resilience, emergency planning, and citizen engagement


Public Sector

Local, regional, and national government entities, from municipalities, counties, and states to huge and essential cabinet-level organizations, need a superior understanding of potential climate risk for emergency response planning, resilience engineering, post-event recovery operations, and other potentially life-saving functions. Jupiter offers both portfolio-level analyses of climate risk, and very-high-resolution assessments of risk to specific neighborhoods, buildings, and assets from flooding, heat, wind, and fire.


Use Cases

Risk identification

  • Develop detailed vulnerability assessments to project the true physical risk to climate perils at both macro and micro levels

Citizen communication and engagement

  • Create two-way dialogues among key constituencies that inform and improve emergency preparedness and response plans

Risk and resiliency planning

  • Develop superior emergency response plans to improve public safety, public health, and overall resilience
  • Improve development and redevelopment planning, locating key infrastructure in areas less prone to physical risk from climate change
  • Examine and, where needed, change critical infrastructure design specifications
  • Allocate capital for high priority resilience initiatives

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