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Flexible Delivery of data

The perfect mix of SaaS, enterprise API and interaction with experts.

SaaS Application

Decision-ready climate analytics – at your fingertips.

ClimateScoreTM Global provides on-demand access to the most rigorously vetted climate science available, in an easy-to-use application.

ClimateScore Global offers an intuitive and flexible platform for climate resilience, requiring just latitude and longitude to get started. Its smart navigation and user-defined filters make data analysis seamless. The software comes with customizable labels, presentation-ready visualizations, and valuable financial metrics that help assess your exposure to climate-related risks. Designed for both novices and experts, it aligns with industry standards for performance, scalability, and security, all while ensuring a user experience that keeps with the tempo of modern business.

Decision-ready climate analytics- at your fingertips

Easy To use

Quick Start. Latitude and longitude. That’s it. Two fields are all it takes to begin your journey to climate resilience.

Smart Navigation. Jupiter's ClimateScore Global intelligent navigation ensures that no matter how deep you dig into your results, you can easily find your way around the application, making analysis a breeze.


User-Defined Filters. You need insights that reflect your unique business needs. In addition to the standard data filters included in ClimateScore Global, you can also add any filter you like, based on your own metadata.

Customizable Labels. Need to differentiate between your portfolios? ClimateScore Global makes it easy to evaluate different parts of your business using customizable labels for your portfolios.


Presentation-Ready Visualizations. Whether you prefer a tabular or map visualization of your portfolio, you’re ready to make an immediate impact when sharing the evidence-based insights you’ve gained.

Damage and Loss. Leveraging the asset values of your business, ClimateScore Global reveals your financial exposure to physical climate change, so you can put a price on your risk.

Step-by-Step Guidance. With a built-in knowledge base full of insightful resources and an onboarding walkthrough coming soon, ClimateScore Global is user friendly for data novices and experts alike.

View your assets across all physical perils measured by Jupiter
Drill down to examine the financial impact on a single location in your portfolio

Enterprise API

Jupiter's ClimateScore Global RESTful, enterprise-scale API delivers three types of output — peril metrics, economic impact metrics, and scores via synchronous and asynchronous calls. Synchronous calls return single-location data in seconds. Asynchronous calls process millions of locations in under an hour.

Seamless Integration

Easily incorporate Jupiter's ClimateScore Global climate-adjusted risk calculations into existing risk management processes.

Robust Throughput

The API supports millions of locations for input and each location can spawn up to 52 lines of results.


Collaborate with experts who possess invaluable insight. Our Solutions Team is proficient in both climate science and data analytics, as well as business acumen. They can provide insights that enable you to anticipate what lies ahead.

Climate risk expertise

Over 35% of staff are scientists, world-renowned for their work – including a Nobel Laureate.

Customized solutions

Some projects need careful consideration and tailored solutions customized to meet unique needs.

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