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Optimize security, harden infrastructure, protect personnel, and accelerate emergency response



Jupiter ClimateScore Global and FloodScore Planning enhance resiliency planning for climate-vulnerable, strategically crucial military installations. Its solutions have been adapted for use by the U.S. Department of Defense.


Use Cases

Risk management and avoidance

  • Identify likely extreme weather events, and improve prediction of impacts that cause severe damage to infrastructure, impair essential military operations, and put human life and safety at risk, particularly in theaters of operation

Resilience engineering

  • Develop an engineering resiliency plan supported by best-in-science climate models, flexible scenario analysis, and transparent methodologies
  • Evaluate and identify preferred locations for new infrastructure construction, and identify assets in need of protection within the existing infrastructure over the next 50 years

Emergency response

  • Improve the ability of civil and military institutions to coordinate comprehensive responses and adopt a more preventive posture

Strategic security planning

  • Assess how extreme weather events may affect current and future drivers of regional and geopolitical instability and impact strategic issues such as great power competition, counter-terrorism, alliances, forward basing, security of military and naval bases, air transport, merchant seaports, and infrastructure investment

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