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Optimize short- to long-term management of fields, orchards, vineyards, and forests


Agriculture & Forestry

The world’s food growers and foresters are vulnerable to the full range of climate change-driven perils: flooding, wind, heat, wildfire, drought, extreme precipitation, and hail. To monitor changing precipitation and warming patterns, Jupiter solutions offer very high spatial resolution, covering any point on Earth’s land surface, and support for variable time horizons and emissions scenarios. They deliver portfolio-level risk analyses of vitally important assets: growing fields and orchards, forests, water-supply sources, processing facilities, supply chains, and more.


Use Cases

Risk identification

  • Hyper-local (microclimate-scale) assessment of acute and chronic physical risk from climate change across their portfolios from weather conditions and extreme events

Market strategy

  • Opportunity identification: With warming temperatures extending growing seasons in geographies closer to polar regions, opportunities exist for asset relocations as well as for growers in those regions

Risk engineering

  • Irrigation and drainage system modification
  • Supply/value chain optimization

Risk management

  • Crop/asset rotation, location, and selection: With ClimateScore Global, growers and forest managers can assess potential changes to growing conditions over time, modify rotation strategies, locate assets in less-impacted fields, forests, or geographies, or change product mixes

  • Worker health and safety: Jupiter’s metrics include the frequency of breaching critical thresholds of WetBulb Globe Temperature, a worldwide standard measurement for heat stress to humans
  • Pest and pathogen control

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