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Economic Impact

Put a price on your climate risk.

The best-in-science predictive analytics in ClimateScore Global reveals your financial exposure to physical climate change events.

Secure your financial future against climate change with ClimateScore Global’s economic impact metrics. Our innovative software application integrates physical climate risk into your financial projections, providing a unique perspective on how physical climate threats can intensify existing credit risks and create new ones. ClimateScore Global provides a comprehensive assessment of the direct financial impact of physical climate change on your operational, market and credit risk. By quantifying the financial impact of climate-related damage and its downstream effects, you can be better equipped to identify areas that are most vulnerable to climate risks and build climate resilience into your business.

Operational Impact

Ensure business continuity.

Climate change can disrupt business continuity, with oversight leading to inadequate preparation and financial instability.

ClimateScore Global provides damage and loss metrics to calculate the immediate cost of the damage that acute events such as wind and/or flood will cause to a building, its contents, inventory and downtime for six return periods. In addition, ClimateScore Global can provide visibility into the impact chronic events such as increased heat and humidity will have on cooling costs and worker productivity.

Trust ClimateScore Global to ensure your business remains profitable, sustainable and resilient.

Market Impact

Make better investment decisions.

Today's market valuations often overlook the pervasive underlying threat of climate change, leaving vulnerabilities in the future profitability and cash flow projections of your portfolio. 

Evaluate Jupiter's ClimateScore Global climate-adjusted risk analytics alongside factors such as the home price index (HPI) to create a comprehensive, robust portfolio valuation. With the rapid acceleration of climate change, your business cannot afford to produce models and forecasts that are unreliable.

Get at the true value of your assets in a changing climate. Don’t just prepare for the future, secure it with ClimateScore Global.

Credit Impact

Predict default sooner.

Ignoring climate risk in credit risk assessments leaves unnecessary blind spots and leads to potentially catastrophic financial consequences. ClimateScore Global’s leading-edge financial impact metrics can quantify the effects of physical climate risk on your organization's credit profile. By assessing decreased receivables from borrowers defaulting on loans linked to damaged properties, ClimateScore Global is your partner in navigating the stormy waters of climate-induced financial risks. 

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