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ClimateScore Global

Portfolio-level physical risk analysis

Jupiter’s ClimateScore™ Global quantifies physical climate-change risk from multiple hazards for any point on the land surface of the planet through 2100. It probabilistically predicts future physical risk from flooding, extreme heat and cold, high wind, drought, wildfire, hail, and extreme precipitation at very fine spatial resolutions, and offers the most comprehensive, transparent framework for assessing global climate risk available today.

ClimateScore Global is based on dozens of the scientific community’s most authoritative climate models, land use and elevation data, and models for hydrology, wildfire, and severe weather. These are coupled with statistical and machine learning techniques, informed by comprehensive observational and Earth analysis products, to understand the hyper-local manifestations of broad climate trends.

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With its expansive and detailed projections of perils for the remainder of this century, ClimateScore Global answers the fundamental question, “How will the current and future climate lead to extreme weather that impacts my locations of interest?” It enables users to project how their portfolio of assets may be affected by climate change: the perils it will be exposed to, the vulnerable segments and locations, and how that risk will change over time and across varying carbon emissions scenarios.

High-resolution (90 meters)

Global scope

Robust, enterprise-grade, and customizable

Projections across time horizons through 2100 and multiple emissions scenarios

Transparency via quantified uncertainty and documented model methodology

Climate risk metrics for flood, heat, cold, drought/water stress, extreme/prolonged precipitation, Wind, wildfire, and hail

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