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June 18, 2024

Climate Science Meets Conversation: Democratizing Access to Climate Data


Introducing Jupiter AI

The urgency to assess holistic climate risk has never been more acute. It’s a pressure applied by the tailwinds of relentless climate change acceleration and increasing governmental demands for sustainability and risk disclosure. Yet, for many organizations eager to tackle this issue head-on, there's been a formidable headwind: getting actionable, decision-ready data.

Access to such data has not merely been a question of availability. The real challenge lies in whether this data is easily accessible, understandable, consumable, and applicable – not just to a single use case but across an entire organization’s spectrum of needs. The barriers have been multi-fold:

  • Climate science complexity: Understanding the intricacies of climate science is no small feat.
  • Data science comprehension: Grasping data science concepts is essential to leverage climate data fully.
  • Provider strength: Not all climate data is created equal. Many providers fall short in delivering comprehensive analytics that encapsulate both physical and financial risks from various perils globally.
  • Technological learning curve: Traditional physical data delivery methods are often gated by complex software that demands extensive training.
  • Unknown unknowns: Often, we don’t even know the right questions to ask, which can skew the train of thought we rely upon for decision-making.

At Jupiter, we've been at the forefront of this challenge, seeking ways to break down these barriers. We've listened to customer feedback, conducted market research, and set a clear objective: to develop products that not only meet but surpass global organizational needs for achieving sustainability goals.

Today, we’re excited to announce Jupiter AI – our groundbreaking AI engine that harnesses the power of ClimateScore Global. Jupiter AI is designed to communicate in natural, conversational language within a chat window interface, akin to speaking with an expert who understands the nuances of climate and data science.

New generative AI tool transforms the speed at which organizations can access, analyze, and act on complex climate data, including understanding the climate-adjusted value of physical assets

Why Jupiter AI?

We created Jupiter AI with a clear mission: to break down the traditional obstacles in understanding and leveraging climate risk data. Here’s how we’re doing it:

  • Complexity Simplified: With Jupiter AI, anyone in your organization can query complex climate risk data without the need for specialized climate science or data science knowledge. There’s no need for deep technical expertise to understand the outputs.
  • Zero Learning Curve: Say goodbye to software training. If you can use a search engine, you can use Jupiter AI.
  • Discover the Unknowns: Jupiter AI proactively suggests relevant questions you might not have considered, expanding the scope of your risk assessment and empowering you to make informed decisions.
  • Comprehensive Data: Jupiter AI is underpinned by ClimateScore Global’s comprehensive, global climate data, which provides a full spectrum of physical and financial risk assessments from all perils, anywhere in the world.

Jupiter AI in Action

Imagine the ability to assess the impact of climate change on asset valuations over the next decade – all by asking a simple question. With Jupiter AI, this is not just possible; it's incredibly easy. The AI engine engages in dialogue, returning detailed visualizations and insights that inform your strategies. It's as if you have a team of climate scientists and data analysts at your disposal, ready to answer your questions on the fly.

Simply ask, “Show me the top ten losses across my portfolio”, or “Show me the climate adjusted value of my largest facility over time” or “Which assets in my portfolio have the greatest insurability risk?”

From pinpointing assets with the highest risk of loss to projecting how climate change will alter asset values, Jupiter AI offers a narrative that moves beyond mere numbers. It provides context, evaluates trends, and paints a picture of the future that is rooted in data but understood through the lens of human experience.

By learning from your queries, it continuously evolves, offering increasingly refined and customized insights. This iterative learning process means that Jupiter AI is not just responding to your questions; it's anticipating your needs and guiding your discovery of deeper insights.

Jupiter AI allows users to ask simple curated questions and receive comprehensive visual data presentations that quickly surface need-to-know impacts to their business in seconds.

A New Chapter in Climate Resilience

The launch of Jupiter AI marks a new chapter in how organizations approach sustainability and resilience. As climate change accelerates and regulatory landscapes shift, the demand for quick, comprehensive, and comprehensible climate risk data has never been higher. Jupiter AI meets this demand head-on, delivering unparalleled speed to value.

This is not just another product launch. It's a revolution in climate risk analysis. One that empowers an increasing number of business users within organizations to make faster, smarter, and more strategic decisions in a world where climate considerations are increasingly central to every aspect of business.

In developing Jupiter AI, we've gone beyond traditional market offerings to provide an engine that is powerful yet approachable, sophisticated yet straightforward, and as expansive as it is insightful. It's a reflection of our unwavering commitment to equipping businesses with the tools they need to navigate the uncertain terrain of a changing climate.

Join Us on the Journey

With the launch of Jupiter AI, assessing climate risk has never been more direct, and planning for climate resilience has never been clearer. We're excited to see how Jupiter AI will empower your organization – and transform the landscape of climate risk management for the better. Welcome to the future of climate intelligence. 

See what Jupiter can do for your business.

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