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January 5, 2023

Climate Risk Disclosure: Jupiter Customers are on the Move


Several customers have already published TCFD disclosures that are explicitly powered by Jupiter metrics.


The SEC’s proposed regulations mandating climate risk disclosure are shining a brilliant light on the need for the United States’ publicly traded entities to assess and report their vulnerabilities to physical and transition risk from climate change. The proposal has sparked such intense debate that SEC has extended its public feedback period to June 17—ninety days since the draft regs were released.

But while that conversation continues, Jupiter customers are taking action. They’re working across sectors to analyze potential physical climate risk to their locations, including (but not limited to) owned assets, investments, and supply chains, as well as for their due diligence regarding potential M&A activities.

As my colleague Megan Arnold noted recently, the SEC’s proposal is largely in alignment with the global guidelines that have been issued by the TCFD (Task Force for Climate-related Disclosures). This alignment is crucial because of the importance of harmonization of regulations and taxonomies across countries and jurisdictions, and the TCFD has already provided the foundation for disclosure regulations in key countries like the UK, Japan, and Canada.

Jupiter customers AstraZeneca and JLL have publicly disclosed that they’re using our climate analytics in TCFD filings.

  • AstraZeneca announced in its 2021 annual report that Jupiter is helping it screen “risks from climate hazards to all AstraZeneca sites in future scenarios RCP 2.6, 4.5, and 8.5.”
  • JLL’s most-recent Global Sustainability Report said the company is using Jupiter data “to evaluate climate physical risk in [its] headquarters offices” in its top eight countries by revenue.

Jupiter solutions help companies quantify, disclose, manage, and reduce risks from climate impacts.

Our metrics meet or exceed requirements spelled out by the SEC in its draft regulations. We offer best-in class peril metrics and score and loss information at a finer resolution than ZIP Code level—down to 90m resolution. Jupiter’s flexible deployment is built specifically for customers’ needs, with access to world class scientists and client solutions team for a seamless integration into regulatory disclosure needs.

We’re already helping our customers optimize their disclosure, risk management, and resiliency efforts. I’d be delighted to demonstrate how we can help you.

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