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June 17, 2022

The SEC Has Changed the Climate Risk Disclosure Landscape. Jupiter Helps Companies Comply.


June 17, 2022

UPDATE: Jupiter strongly supports the SEC’s proposed rule on disclosure of material climate-related financial risks and offers specific guidance to address the requirements.

The SEC has begun its drive to mandate that registrants identify, assess, and disclose short-to-long-term physical climate risk.

Jupiter’s market-leading, best-in-science physical climate analytics are crucial to prompt, satisfactory compliance.

The SEC’s March 2022 rules proposal signals only the beginning of the roll-out of new regulations mandating disclosure of physical and transitional climate risk. Accelerated filers—the largest publicly traded U.S. companies—may be compelled to begin disclosure as early as 2023.

With time of the essence, Jupiter is prepared now to help companies meet the Commission’s evolving and inevitable climate risk disclosure requirements.

With its widely adopted physical climate risk analytics solutions and rigorously tested methodologies, and its rich experience in working with large private sector organizations, Jupiter offers the world’s most comprehensive view of future climate-related risk. Our customers, including some of the world’s leading entities like AstraZeneca, Entergy, Hawaiian Electric, JLL, and others, rely on Jupiter analytics in their TCFD disclosures, as well as for risk management and resiliency planning.

Discover concisely how and why Jupiter is best positioned to help your company prepare for this new, evolving regulatory environment.

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