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May 8, 2024

Climate Intelligence: The Untapped Alpha in Private Equity’s Risk Assessment

In the labyrinth of investment decision-making, private equity (PE) firms have traditionally navigated through financial analysis, market trends, and strategic positioning. Yet, as climate change alters the fabric of our global economy, climate risk assessment emerges as an indispensable tool in the PE toolkit—a driver not just of risk management, but of alpha, the measure of an investment's active return.

In this eBook, Wahib Ghazni, Jupiter's Lead Financial Economist and Finance TPM, delves into the imperative for private equity firms to integrate climate analytics into their risk assessment frameworks. As global temperatures rise and extreme weather events become more frequent and disruptive, the economic landscape is undergoing profound shifts, demanding a recalibration of investment strategies. 

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The integration of climate data and insights offers advantages at various stages of investment, from screening to due diligence and exit strategy. The eBook emphasizes the value of climate risk assessment in enhancing portfolio resilience, optimizing operations, and bolstering sustainability credentials.

A case study on climate risk in U.S. commercial real estate underscores the complexities and vulnerabilities within this sector. Additionally, it discusses the evolving insurance landscape in response to climate change, posing further challenges for PE firms with CRE portfolios.

Through an insightful analysis of climate challenges faced by private equity firms and the strategic incorporation of physical climate insights, this eBook clarifies how climate risk assessment can serve as the key driver of sustainable growth and investment value in the private equity sector.

Jupiter experts are standing by to guide you through the complex climate risk assessment journey.

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