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ClimateScore Global Financial Services overview


Jupiter ClimateScore Global quantifies physical climate risk around the world. With its expansive and detailed projections of perils for the remainder of this century, it answers the fundamental question, “How will the current and future climate lead to extreme weather that impacts my locations of interest?”

ClimateScore Global employs dozens of the scientific community’s most respected climate models, coupled with machine learning, land use and elevation data, and data-driven models for hydrology, wildfire, severe weather, and more.

By distilling the complex interactions between expected changes in sea levels, surge, storm intensity, land and sea surface temperatures, and pressure and precipitation patterns, ClimateScore Global pinpoints what decision-makers need to know: the depth of the water, the speed of the wind, the intensity of the heat and cold, and the probability of drought, wildfires, and hail. Those metrics, in turn, will drive damage and economic loss models and put a price on climate change.

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